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Umatilla Multimedia
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Real Time Analytical Platforms   Headquarters Building   Last GB rocket   UMCDF construction   Ceremony speakers gather for end of ops ceremony rehearsal  

Ceremony stage at the Hermiston Conference Center   Umatilla Chemical Depot stage banner   Snap shot of the ceremony reception and decades banners   A Memorial display for each of the six victims lost in the igloo explosion on March 21, 1944.   Depot commander, Lt. Col Kris Perkins and SGT Eric Gallanger   

UMCD commander, LTC Kris Perkins performed SGT Eric Gallanger’s re-enlistment ceremony    SGT Erik Gallanger, his children and wife Jessica    Ceremony speakers take a moment to greet guest and stakeholders   Armand Minthorn of the Confederated Umatilla Indian Tribe    Inland Northwest Musicians   

A” Thank You” cake was just one of the seven donated by URS Corp and served by it’s staff   URS Corp. Frank Frederickson (center), Kim Jackson (left) talk with retired Project General Mgr. Doug Hamrick (right)   LTC Perkins, Carmen Spencer, and John Nerger    Ceremony speakers sit on stage    Ceremony speakers  

UMCD commander, LTC Kris Perkins    Don Barclay, acting CMA Director addresses the audience   Former CMA Director, Conrad Whyne addresses the audience   Umatilla County Commissioner, Bill Hansel   Chris Brown, Oregon State CSEPP Manager  

UMCDF Mike Morehead, URS Corp. employee    Mark Evans, Washington Demilitarization Company President   UMCDF Site Project Manager Gary Anderson was awarded the Department of the Army’s Meritorious Civilian Service Award    Umatilla Deactivation Ceremony - July 2012   Addressing the audience at the Umatilla deactivation ceremony  

Enhanced On-Site Container   Air Monitoring Station   Chemical agent monitoring   Flags   Flags at UMCD  

International inspectors   Outreach Office   Munitions Processing Bay   UMCDF   Pollution Abatement System  

Tour at Umatilla Chemical Depot   Glovebox   Last VX projectile   Antelope   Don Gillis, environmental protection specialist at UMCD   

Umatilla Chemical Depot receiving the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's 2010 Military Conservation Partner Award    Don Gillis and Max Canestorp   U.S. Fish and Wildlife awards   Last EONC Delivery   Last TC interview at UMCDF  

The Last mustard TC in the UMCDF and Army stockpile    Group picture in front of last TC at UMCDF   Group photo in front of the last EONC   Storage Igloos   Securing last TC for shipment  

Depot flagpole   Plant tour   CMA leadership   EONC covered in signatures enters plant   Final EONC leaves igloo storage area  

Last EONC enters plant   Last TC in Umatilla and Army inventory   Last TC loaded in EONC   Moving mustard ton containers from storage   Munitions Demilitarization Building foreground left  

Plant Pollution Abatement System   Plant workers pose with last EONC   Processed TCs   TCs awaiting processing   Worker signs last EONC  

Welcome to Hermiston Sign   Umatilla Tour Group   Photo Tour of Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility   Photo Tour of Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility   Photo Tour of Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility  

Photo Tour of Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility   Photo Tour of Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility   Photo Tour of Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility   Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge   UMDCF M55 Rocket Disassembly Photo 1  

UMDCF M55 Rocket Disassembly Photo 3   UMDCF M55 Rocket Disassembly Photo 4   UMDCF M55 Rocket Disassembly Photo 5   Owl Condo   Buffy Owl at Entrance  

Team fills   Owl on weathervane   Burrows at Igloo   Backhoe fills   Rebholz reads GPS  

UMDCF M55 Rocket Disassembly Photo 2   Storage Igloo Construction  


Video Content:The movement, unloading and processing of the first M55 Rocket at the Umatilla Chemical Depot and Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility on September 7 & 8.   

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