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JACADS Publications
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Brochures - (All)

9/21/2005 [1,310KB pdf] A Success Story - Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System
The numbers speak volumes: more than 412,000 obsolete chemical weapons - bombs, land mines, rockets and projectiles - all destroyed.

9/16/2004 [1,044KB pdf] JACADS Timeline
1934 - Executive order 6935 transfers control of Johnston Atoll, located 825 miles southwest of Hawaii, to U.S. Navy.

9/16/2004 [1,201KB pdf] Johnston Island Facts & Figures
Discovered in 1796 by Capt. Joseph Pierpont of Boston when his American brig 'Sally' ran aground.

Fact Sheets/Information Sheets (All)

8/13/2004 [1,201KB pdf] Johnston Island facts & figures
History, Geography and Weather for Johnston Island

7/22/2002 [434KB pdf] JACADS: Defining a Moment in Chemical Weapons History Fact Sheet
...The Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS) is the U.S. Army's first fully integrated chemical weapons disposal facility and is located on Johnston Island, approximately 825 miles southwest of Hawaii....

Updates (Most Current)

10/1/2003 [18,429KB pdf] JACADS Commemorative REACH Newsletter Winter 2003
Well done!

6/21/2003 [5,825KB pdf] JACADS REACH Newsletter - Summer 2003
...On Nov.29,2000,the U.S.Army completed safely destroying the last of more than 410,000 deadly chemical weapons stored on isolated Johnston Atoll,approximately 800 miles southwest of Hawaii.Throughout the United States’ work on the atoll, the...


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