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When items are identified as chemical filled, destruction technologies safely and effectively destroy
munitions of all shapes and sizes — providing complete containment of the neutralization process while protecting operators, the community and environment. RCMD maintains and deploys the following destruction technologies: Explosive Destruction System (EDS), Single CAIS Access and Neutralization System (SCANS), Transportable Detonation Chamber (TDC), Large Item Transportable Access and Neutralization System (LITANS) and Magnetic Induction Decontamination System (MIDS).



Explosive Destruction System (EDS)/RCMD/Destruction/EDSExplosive Destruction System (EDS)The Explosive Destruction System (EDS) provides on-site treatment of chemical warfare materiel in a safe, environmentally sound manner. The EDS is an innovative alternative to open detonation of explosively configured munitions through its ability to: <p> <ul style="color:#ffd26c!important;list-style-type:square;margin-left:35px;"> <li style="margin-bottom:10px;"> <span style="color:white!important;margin-bottom:10px;">Use cutting charges to access chemical munitions, eliminating their explosive capacity before neutralizing the chemical agent</span></li> <li style="margin-bottom:10px;"> <span style="color:white!important;">Contain all the blast, vapor and fragments from the process in its main component, a sealed, stainless steel vessel</span> </li> <li style="margin-bottom:10px;"> <span style="color:white!important;">Support both planned and quick-response munition recovery operations</span> </li> </ul></p>More about EDS



Large Item Transportable Access and Neutralization System (LITANS)/Resources/RCMD FS LITANS.pdfLarge Item Transportable Access and Neutralization System (LITANS)The LITANS treats large RCWM items, such as ton containers, that are not treatable through other RCMD technologies.LITANS Fact Sheet
Magnetic Induction Decontamination System (MIDS)/Resources/RCMD%20FS%20MIDS.pdfMagnetic Induction Decontamination System (MIDS)The MIDS decontaminates empty ton containers and scrap metal through thermal heating induced by magnetism.MIDS Fact Sheet
Single CAIS Access and Neutralization System (SCANS)/Resources/Single%20CAIS%20Access%20and%20Neutralization%20System.pdfSingle CAIS Access and Neutralization System (SCANS)The SCANS is a portable chemical reactor system that treats small quantities of chemical agent found in CAIS items. CAIS items were used to train Soldiers in the identification and disposal of chemical agent.SCANS Fact Sheet
Transportable Detonation Chamber (TDC)/Resources/RCMD%20FS%20TDC.pdfTransportable Detonation Chamber (TDC)The TDC, a fully enclosed, explosive destruction technology, can destroy chemical munitions, while capturing any vapor with redundant air filtration systems.TDC Fact Sheet