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After suspect recovered chemical warfare materiel (RCWM) is discovered, Recovered Chemical Materiel Directorate (RCMD) dispatches equipment to non-intrusively determine if the items are explosively configured and contain a liquid fill. Once it is determined that an item contains chemical agent, operators package them in a Multiple Round Container (MRC) for safe storage and possible transport to the nearest military installation.



Multiple Round Containers (MRCs)/Resources/RCMD%20FS%20MRC.pdfMultiple Round Containers (MRCs)<p>MRCs are a family of six overpack containers designed to allow the safe storage and transport of RCWM. Considered “overpack” containers, MRCs contain chemical agent leaks, aiding in the protection of their contents during accidents or rough handling. Fragile items, such as chemical agent identification sets, glass ampoules, bottles or vials containing small amounts of chemical agent once used to train Soldiers in the identification and decontamination of chemical agent, may also be transported in MRCs to prevent any accidental exposure to the environment.</p> <p>MRCs were specifically designed, tested and fielded for the transport of chemical warfare materiel and exceed international packaging requirements. MRCs are also approved by the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation for the storage and transportation of RCWM in the public domain.</p>MRC Fact SheetMultiple Round Containers are a family of overpack containers designed to allow the safe storage and transport of recovered chemical warfare materiel.